Progress begins the moment we set our compass in the right direction. At The Happy Mindset we point the compass inwards so that we can first remove any creative blocks that are keeping you stuck in the learning process.

Once you start breaking through these barriers you free up the mental energy that can then be leveraged to create momentum in the form of a learning process that is built on a foundation of small practical steps and a deeper understanding of mental models.


Clarity + Connection + Focus = Real Results



Procrastination stems from a lack of clarity. When we gain clarity and perspective around our end goals we have more mental bandwidth for the learning process. I will help you gain clarity around your end goal so we can work as a team to help you take the steps that are required to move you forward.


When we feel connected to ourselves and the people around us we feel a sense of meaning, purpose and direction that helps to accelerate our learning curve. I will help you to unpack the things that are currently blocking you from your unique sense of purpose, direction and vision. When we feel connected to ourselves our vision expands and when our vision expands we are in a better position to grow into our future goals.


Focus is key and helps us to navigate around the many distractions. When we are able to prioritise we can begin to filter out the distractions. When the distractions start to fade away we enter into the zone of focus and flow. I will help you to understand flow states and how to use them to move you forward.

Real Results

Real results are the results that matter most to you. Our work together around clarity, connection and focus are all centered around turning these insights into a reality for you. 


Through an understanding of learning models I will help you transition from the old model of learning to the new model that is optimised for 21st century learning.

Old Model v's New Model

The Old Model

  • Learning feels like a never ending uphill struggle.
  • Each new subject is completely different from the last.
  • Failure is a sign that I am not good enough and I should probably quit.
  • I have no idea why I need to learn certain topics.

The New Model

  • There are simple patterns underpining the learning process for every subject.
  • There are learning principles that provide coherence and structure.
  • Skills are transferable and interconnected.
  • Failure is the instant feedback that a growth mindset thrives on.
  • The learning process IS NOT personal.
  • There are many roads that lead to Rome.


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
- R. Buckminster Fuller
"The most successful people in the world; healthy, wealthy and wise, choose education over entertainment"
- Jay Shetty




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