10 Steps to Learn Anything Review

About Simple Programmer

I stumbled upon the Simple Programmer YouTube Channel as part of my Python programming journey. What impressed me most was how John is able to articulate the simplicity behind the learning process. For years I have intuitively known what works for me but I have often found myself speaking in tangents when trying to articulate this to others.

John seems to be able to do things with a little more grace. After watching a number of his videos on a wide range of topics I decided that his 10 Steps to Learn Anything Course was worth the investment.

10 steps to learn anything quickly.

10 Steps to Learn Anything Quickly


It is counter intuitive as a purchaser of material but what impressed me the most about this course was it's conciseness. You could go through the course in a single sitting. I didn't choose to do this as I much prefer to absorb valuable information in smaller doses.

Less is More

The course is both to the point and on point. It's precision is a true reflection of how an efficient learning process should look like. Less is more in the online learning world. If learning is a process of filtering out the unnecessary to prioritise the next most important thing then what is needed is a customised learning guide.

Easier said then done right? Well a neat hack you can implement is to ask yourself:

'Do I want to become the type of person who would know this stuff or live in this way? '

I find this usually allows for a more narrow focus.

Practical Steps

The course itself is very practical and John puts his money where his mouth is by showing his process of learning Pixel Art. Due to the interest in observing a more 'difficult' learning process John also provides a demonstration of how he would go about learning a programming language. In the course John doesn't pretend that it is easy but he does show that the process is simpler than we often believe provided we spend time on planning and creating a big picture view.

The Learning Process

Before taking the course I had an understanding of what is important as an online learner. Experience in a certain area is very useful because it can help you filter through teachers, from the good, the bad, the average and the downright exceptional. With this in mind I was on the look out for the following core online learning principles.

Core Online Learning Principles

Repetition, big picture, micro goals, tangible end goal. All these points are present plus more. The major insight I have gotten from this course and from the Simple Programmer videos in general is that you should narrow your focus as much as possible.

Clear & Specific End Goal

With language learning I used clarity and specificity in order to progress in the language. I wanted to speak the language within a couple of weeks so I focused my learning around general language words and on specific topics like soccer. John's approach is similar but I feel it is even more clear and specific. Instead of setting a goal to become a Python Developer, John would be more likely to recommend becoming a Python developer who specialises in building Web Apps using the Flask framework.


For any serious online learners I would recommend this course. It is a course that is genius in it's simplicity. If you can keep the principles of the course in mind it will drastically cut the learning curve on whatever you wish to learn. The key to learning is as much about identifying what you don't need to know as much as it is about finding out what you need to know. This course can act as a guide to help you navigate this unknown.


Do you follow the Simple Programmer channel? Have you taken any of the courses? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me anĀ e-mail.