3 Ways to Begin Listening to Yourself Today

I find it hard to listen to myself when I am constantly distracted by the white noise. The good news is that with consistency, and the momentum that accompanies consistency, it does get easier over time. Initially it can be hard to listen out for that flute among the brass band so here are three simple ways to get you started along the path.

1. Objectivity

There are very few things in life that are completely objective. A human conveying even the simplest of messages to another human being will inevitably come wrapped up in some sort of bias, innocent or otherwise. As the wise philosopher James Blunt once said 'opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one' and personal opinions seem to permeate each message that we weave.

The subjectivity and uniqueness of human perception comes with the power of choice. There is no such thing as a single accepted paradigm of the world. We each choose to live in our own perception of reality, whether we are aware of this fact or not is another matter. If there are things that I am focused on that I don't feel add to my life in any beneficial way then the acceptance that somewhere along the line I chose to focus on this is a way of taking back my personal power, this acceptance creates an opportunity for my focus to shift to something else.

2. Read Books that Stand the Test of Time

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to listen to other people because you currently have nothing better in your head then that can be easily remedied. Books have the power to dig you out of any situation. In order to start creating a solid foundation to what you are learning my advice would be to choose books that have stood the test of time. If a book has held up to years of scrutiny then there is a good chance there is some knowledge and wisdom within the covers. It is also a good idea to not discriminate between books, reading across a wide range of topics will give you different perspectives and well help to make you a more well rounded person. The wisdom and knowledge in these books will serve as a good foundational filter for reading other books through. In books you can begin to form your own life philosophy, one that empowers you as the individual to live a life more in alignment with who you actually are.

3. Feeling

When in doubt trust your gut. There are certain points in time where our feeling will tell us if we are on the right track. Our feeling is there to help us identify the people we want around us, it lets us know if we enjoy what we are doing and it helps us with our reasoning when our thought process can not discern the difference between two seemingly identical options at the surface level. I have learned some hard lessons from overriding my gut feeling on people, situations and life choices so whenever I notice a feeling nowadays I tend to go with it and see what unfolds for me.

I would love to know how have you learned to listen to your gut and found the balance between logic and emotion?