5 Signs that your Thinkaholism may be getting the better of you

We all suffer from thinkaholism to some degree. I am and still can be quite the thinkaholic. During my most chronic bouts of thinkaholism I started to notice some patterns, here are 5 signs that your thinkaholism may be getting the better of you right now.

1. More of the Same

To a thinkaholic life often seems static. Nothing ever changes, same shit different day. Of course, there is nothing I can do about it, it is my town, the people around me or even my country that is hell bent on staying the same. This more of the same thing sucks but I never once entertain the thought that maybe I am the one who sucks and with this acceptance I could allow the space for change to occur in my life.

2. Sense of Urgency

It seems like everything is so damn urgent. I run around like a blue arsed fly all day long yet the fly I truly resonate with is that dumbass over there who is banging his head against a glass window believing it is an open door. I get up in the morning and I rarely seem to have new ideas, it just seems to be endless variations of the same ideas and endless variations of the same problems. I try to think faster and out smart my problems but I feel fatigued and I sense that I am even further away from a solution then when I began.

3. Overlooking the Simple

Do you ever look at an iPhone and think that I could have thought of that? Or look at Facebook and think 'a social network, of course that is an obvious idea in a digital age when it is human nature to be social creatures'. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and it seems to be the only place that the simple answer can be found. It seems like the only way to let go, relax and see the obvious is after I have went through the problem solving process while holding my breath.

4. Refusing Help

Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and all the other 'self made people' were all one man/woman teams. In order for me to be perceived as successful then I need to go it alone too. The only way to be a genius is to come up with ideas all by myself. The only way for me to learn is to make my own mistakes. In this state of delusion and confusion I overlook the fact that not one successful person in the annals of history was self made, everyone receives help in some form or another. Learning from others mistakes is a sign of wisdom and greatly reduces the learning curve for everyone involved. The wheel is also very infrequently invented but what does happen are numerous iterations and reinventions of the same core ideas.

5. Silence and Breathing are Overrated

The thinkaholic's mantra is that nobody ever gets anything done in silence and breathing is overrated. The thinkaholic thinks that creativity is obtained in thinking about it and time spent breathing leads to less time problem solving. The truth of the matter is far more simple and profound. It is in a quiet mind that human creativity emerges and it is through the act of breathing that the brain receives the oxygen it needs to function optimally.


If you have read through the list and have self diagnosed yourself as a thinkaholic then do not despair.  The first step on the road to recovery is acceptance. My tip for you is to take some time out for yourself and to take the time to breathe properly. It is in these moments that you will begin to see some of the thoughts that flow through your head and lock you into your current perceived reality. By cultivating these daily moments after a while you will no longer be afraid to be alone with yourself. This need only be ten minutes of your day but if you do it consistently then over time you might notice a difference in your overall quality of life.