A Framework for Reading

Learn from our Past

We are growing up in a generation where information abounds and we have a feeling of being more 'enlightened' than any previous generation. Yet human nature has a nasty habit of deception. Fortunately,  we can learn from the lessons that history have taught us. The Stoic frameworks for living can help focus our attention on what truly matters to us, if we choose to read them.

Block out the white noise

We go to school to learn the art of reading. Reading enables us to understand the syntax and semantics behind the sequence of words. Reading is an extraordinary tool to add to any toolkit. However, additional tools are required for the modern man. We are living in the midst of a generation of ever expanding information, both trivial and profound. We need filters, and I'm not talking about the ones on our Instagram accounts.

Where good decisions come from

To make an informed decision requires a good education which in turn requires the ability to read. Yet there doesn't appear to be frameworks for smart reading in mainstream education.

Education is not a means to start a life, education is a means of living.

Structured Reading

We need to construct frameworks to bring order to our reading. I found one such framework in the book Effortless Reading. Prior to reading this book, I was unaware of good frameworks for reading. The book emphasises the value of smart reading over speed reading. The golden nugget I mined from this book, and that I would like to share with you today, is this:

Divide your daily reading into three broad categories:

  1. Philosophy - Everybody should construct and own their life philosophy. This will evolve and improve over time, as we mature. A lack of a personal philosophy is evidence of a lack of ambition.
  2. 'How To' Books - Action speaks louder than words.
  3. Biography/ AutoBiography - These books give us an insight into the lives of the people we most respect and admire. It gives us an insight into how the person evolved. These books help us to relate to these people and put things in perspective. It will help give us the courage we need to present our best selves to the world.


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