A Magic Tool

An Invisible Tool

Imagine going about your day blissfully unaware of a tool you carry with you everywhere. Imagine if this same tool had the capability to alter your perception of the world around you in the blink of an eye. Imagine for a minute if this tool allowed you to shape your world rather than be a victim of it. Imagine if this tool was at work regardless of whether you were aware of its existence or not. Imagine if this tool were agnostic to what you fed it.

It may appear like I have started to write a work of fiction and to be honest, if often appears that way to me even as I write these words. Nevertheless, when I allow myself the space to pause for a moment in order to observe the images I have created as I write, I see that while the tool is invisible, it is very much real. That tool of course is my imagination.

Imagination as a Creative Force

When we look at children it is easy to dismiss their creative faculties as childish. They haven't developed the intellectual capabilites that we posess as adults so we dismiss the genius that children naturally possess. We could choose to look at their capabilites as childlike but we often don't even see this as an option. In this misunderstanding we send our children to school in an attempt to educate them and we innocently throw the baby out with the bath water. These same children wander around the world as adults forgetting their creative powers. The sad truth is that these powers haven't gone anywhere, they are at work regardless of our level of awareness to them

When Imagination goes Haywire

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and had the thought, 'I would hate to see the world as they do'. Or, 'how did they manage to interpret the situation in that way?' Or, 'why do they make everything about them?' We try to comprehend but thankfully we can't. When we think we comprehend them we often misunderstand them through our own logic. We think that they are doing this on purpose and we move towards feelings of disdain and resentment. Sometimes it may be innocent, other times maybe not, but you can safely bet that they are not approaching the situation with the exact same logic as I am. We each see the world coloured via our own experience of life. When we begin to see this we become more open to empathy.

there go I but for the grace of God

Harness your Imagination

Whether I agree with something or not I have found it prudent to at least entertain the idea. If what I am saying is true then our imagination is at play behind all the invisible dramas in your life and mine. My solution to this never ending madness has been to acknowledge this invisible force for what it is and to focus it in a direction of my own conscious making. Instead of creating dramas, I learn and teach. Instead of creating enemies, I create allies. Instead of holding grudges I see that this grudge is only holding myself back. I have seen that it takes time, when change happens in real time it is barely noticeable. However, I have found that faith and a detachment from the end goal makes it possible to experience the world in a manner more in alignment with my dreams.


Did this blog post help? Can you think of an area where your imagination has been running riot? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.