Bin The Script - Create a Dialogue

There was a time when I looked at  learning as a monologue -- either someone spoke at me or I learned myself. In hindsight it was the latter that most often prevailed, even though I was completely oblivious to it for a large portion of my life. Nevertheless I am willing to take responsibility and admit that it didn’t need to be like this. There was always the opportunity for a dialogue. I managed to find that dialogue when I let my natural curiosity direct me on the path to passionate teachers.




3 Benefits of Healthy Dialogue


1. The Power of Osmosis

Osmosis is powerful and interactions with a passionate teacher can do wonders for a student's progress. A teacher who knows the in’s and out’s of a subject can really help accelerate the process. Sharing the space with a passionate teacher will often lead to their enthusiasm and insights rubbing off on you as a student. The 80/20 law is present in all topics and a passionate teacher will have naturally began to look at the subject matter through this unconscious lens.

2. Reflection

A dialogue is a safe space where new ideas are free to emerge. In a dialogue both parties are open to learning. A good teacher is looking to become a better one and vice versa for the student. It is the teacher’s role to lead and it is the student’s role to follow along with their own curiosity of mind. This dynamic allows the space to emerge for reflection and this is where understanding comes to light.

3. Collaboration

You can drag a horse to water but you can't make him drink. As a teacher it is useful to know that the learning and understanding will inevitably come from the student. The best I can do as a teacher is to listen to my student as best I can so that I can explain the topic in a way that meets their underlying logic. As a student it helps when I feel that I have the respect of a teacher. This feeling of mutual respect will often create a desire in me to work that little bit harder.

I would love to know if you have ever had an open dialogue relationship with a teacher?