Breathing and Movement Classes

There are huge benefits to taking part in classes such as yoga and pilates. In classes that focus on breathing and movement we begin to develop how to move our bodies the way they were meant to be moved. We learn to focus more on our breathing. Breathing is one of the things that is guaranteed in life. It is the most important thing that keeps us alive day after day. Yet knowing all this, the vast majority of the population take it for granted. Like breathing is not something that we should become aware of, that it is a God given right and we all do it perfectly without thinking.

Being stressed is as much a physiological process as it is psychological. The odd thing is, that in a world where mental health is gaining more and more ground, the physiological elements of stress seem to be largely ignored. We are told that talking helps, and it does, but we are not being told that there are classes out there that can  help regulate the physiological element of stress.

In body movement classes we can improve two invaluable skills. We can improve our breathing and our posture. These two outputs are interlinked. Good posture will lead to good breathing.

In stressful situations, like public speaking, planning begins long before we put pen to paper. We all get nervous, it's natural, it lets us know that we are onto something, that we are venturing beyond our comfort zone. In stressful situations a lot of us will hyperventilate. This is why we will find ourselves out of breathe easily when we are under stress. Breathing and movement classes will help us to first become aware of our breathing and movement and then to improve upon it.

If we want to become fearless, take life on and develop our full potential then there is no better place to start than putting time into perfecting the skill that we use over 20,000 times each day.