Can I have Another Please?

Falling for the Carrot

It is easy to look at a donkey following a carrot on a string and think 'what a dumb animal', or 'if only it could see where the end of that string is attached to'. However, I have found it humbling to realise just how often I fall for the same carrot trick day in and day out.

Worry to find a Solution

Worry is one of the great problem solving tools, said no rational mind ever. Nevertheless, it sometimes feels to me that if I just worry enough or think enough about a problem then this will resolve it. Logically the only thing this will do is magnify the problem and make it appear more complex than it actually is, but in the moment that doesn't matter. My emotions are great at irrationally overlooking the fact that more of the same brings more of the same. My emotions sometimes think that the closer I am to the television screen the more I will see the bigger picture.

Can I have Another Please?

Thankfully such a thing as human logic exists, although it often remains hidden to me. Fortunately, in those moments where I am thinking of a problem and getting more of the same I always have the chance to wake up to my irrationality. In any moment I can feel the frustration of banging my own head against a brick wall and realise that I have just made a choice to do this. This in turn can open me to the truth that thought is in a perpetual state of flow. If I don't like a certain trail of thought I don't have to go with it. I can wait in the bus stop until another bus comes along and take that bus instead. In practical terms I always have the option to thinkĀ 'I don't like this thought, can I have another please?' or simply 'Next', this thought combined with a little space is the path towards an as yet unknown solution.

Have you carrots you fall for in your life? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me anĀ e-mail.