Dealing with and Redefining Failure

Failure an Intellectual Struggle

Nobody who has ever achieved anything meaningful has avoided failure. I think that on a purely intellectual level we tend to get this, we only need to look at developments in Artificial Intelligence to show us how humans naturally learn when we can manage to get out of our own way. Robots don't have these often times irrational and illogical feelings to deal with, instead their life is infused with the power of our intellect in all it's glory. With my intellectual understanding of the concept of failure I notice a desire within me to run with this. I think to myself 'if failure is a necessary component of success then why not rip the plaster off right now and embrace failure so I can get to success quicker?'. The only flaw in this plan is that this thought doesn't feel quite right to me, it feels like I am avoiding the truth and the heart of the matter but I don't yet have the words to articulate this so the tendency to ignore this truth rather than to embrace patient and consistent action is pretty strong.

True Failure Hurts

I think failure is actually a synonym for hurt. The feeling of failure can run so deep that it can affect my sense of self worth and self confidence. When it feels like I did my best and I still failed, it can seem like I don't provide much value to the world around me. Except that isn't entirely true. Yes I can give my best at each moment in time and sometimes fall short of the mark but my best yesterday is not necessarily my best today and my best today won't be the same as my best next week.  Sure I can feel disappointment, fear and even anger but that doesn't mean I can't take meaningful action regardless. I can still listen to my body and listen to my heart when an oftentimes heartless system is shouting in my ear. I can feel confused about life and who I am and still have faith that things will unfold when I take action that is in alignment with my own sense of purpose and direction. This is how I have learned from failure. I learned to become a little more comfortable with the feeling of failure and it is in this stretch of my comfort zone that I have learned to redefine failure and deal with it in a much healthier way.