Flask Online Issues

Menu Dropdown

Once I had my Portfolio App Online I encountered a few little issues affecting the UX and functionality of the website. I noticed that in the mobile version of the website the responsive menu button was not working


After a little digging the answer turned out to be two missing line of jQuery within the HTML file. I therefore added the jQuery script and the Menu button became responsive.


Time App Timezone

Another issue came with the time app in my Simple Python apps section. The time returned my current time when I ran the app locally on my MacBook. However, when I ran it online it returned a time an hour behind my current time. In order to rectify this problem I imported a Python library called pytz. With this library I was able to hardcode the timezone to return my timezone of GMT.  I found out about pytz through a Stack Overflow thread. Now, this solution isn't optimal when someone from a different timezone uses to app but this can be looked into at a later date.


Did you find this blog post helpful? Have you deployed a Python app to Heroku recently? Did you encounter any issues when the app was online? If so I would love to hear from you in the comments section below or by dropping me an e-mail.