Getting Out of My Own Way


When I take a little time to reflect, it frequently appears to me like the only person standing in my way is myself. In the heat of the moment it seems like the other person, the environment etc is the problem. However when I create the space to reflect I can clearly see that I am the only constant in all of my situations and it is with this line of inquiry that I start to ask myself better questions.

Looking in this direction, one of the initials questions I asked myself was 'how do I get out of my own way when I don't know what 'I' look like in this context?' When an answer doesn't come to mind it can be disheartening but I often find that just leaving a question like this in the back of  the mind gives me a chance at finding some answers for myself. What I eventually realised is that this phrase is pointing at my over analytical thinking. In these moments of overanalysis you could put a pot of gold in front of me and I would spend me time inspecting the 'integrity' of the pot.

Overlooking Action

Have you ever said to yourself 'I need to do 'x' in order to become the type of person that can do 'y''?. I know I have done this quite often. While this starts out as a proactive thing and a way of showing humility in order to progress and become better at something, it can gradually start to become habitual. I started to notice that there is always some course that can be done and it can start to become a crutch I can use to avoid taking action that I am now capable of taking. Like any habit it can be difficult to break out of it until I become aware of it, acknowledge it and start to make the transition from it.

The subtle thing that has helped me is in the way I now view courses. Instead of taking a course to become a 'y' kind of person, I now take a course as a means of taking action in order to do the things that are up until that point unknown to me. Since I have started to look at courses in this manner I have noticed that the lines between the world of courses and the world in general is becoming more blurred for me and with this the line between teacher and student also begins to merge.

Are there areas in your life where you are overlooking the action you are taking? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.