Innate Leadership

Some Guiding Questions

What if leadership had nothing at all to do with other people? What if I have leadership all backwards?  What if leadership is simply a conduit for taking action towards a life more in alignment with my innate desires and talents?

A Feeling of Tension

I don't know about you but the thought of leading other people comes with a feeling of tension for me. It almost feels like I need to fix people or at least make them realise that my path is the 'right way'. It feels as if my happiness and security depend on showing other people the 'right way'. In this tension lies the opportunity to acknowledge the multitude of misunderstandings that are clouding my momentary thought process. My lightning quick thoughts are like the mud particles all stirred up in a murky pond. In this feeling there exists little to no clarity and in this feeling I lose sight of how life actually works. In these moments I am living in my thought generated reality trying to change other realities that are made of other people's thinking.

Natural Qualities

In times of complexity I can thankfully always rely on simplicity and the simple answers appear behind the simple questions. What if I let the mud settle? What would the water look like then?

When I look at 'natural' leaders they appear to be leading a life of doing what they love and this in turn seems to bring out the best in the people they serve. Natural leaders seem to fearlessly go after what is meaningful to them and in so doing they allow other people to start dreaming for themselves. The best leaders don't make things about them, they simplify things and ask how they can lead a life that sits well with their own wisdom. In this subtle shift they have a greater impact on the people they were made to serve.

How do you see leadership? Do you want to see more of your path? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.