Intent on Taking Action

Have you ever had the feeling that you were missing a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle? It is all too easy to ignore this nagging feeling and continue on with the mental model of the world that I have already created.

We all have mental models: the lens through which we see the world that drives our responses to everything we experience. Being aware of your mental models is key to being objective

- Elizabeth Thornton

The Simplicity of Intention

There are times when I feel utterly perplexed by the world around me. In any given day I drift into feeling states of disconnect with the people around me, even the few people I consider myself close to.  As I try to hear them through the mental chatter in my own head things start to make sense until the following hour, day, week or month when that person does something that doesn’t fit my logic.

For a large portion of my life I felt like I needed to understand the people around me in order to fit in and feel a sense of belonging. It hadn't yet occurred to me that I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. As I put my energy and focus into this task I was gradually losing sight of the bigger picture and a sense of connection to my true identity.

This awareness gradually shifted as I became more aware of the power of my own intention. When I come from a place of intention I feel more aligned with reality. With intention in mind all I have to consider is where I am coming from. It simplifies things in an instant and brings more clarity to my moment to moment experience.

From this place the mental chatter gradually drops away as it makes less and less sense to listen to my mental model of how the world appears to me. I start to see that models were built to be deconstructed and reconstructed. From this space it begins to make more and more sense to simply listen to and respect the people and environment around me. My model transforms from a very tangible and concrete edifice to one made of lego and play-dough.

Action as a conduit for Intention

Intention is a good foundation but intention alone doesn’t bring results, new experiences and new outcomes. Intention and action combined is where the balance lies.

When I am aware of my underlying intention to every interaction then the surface level successes and failures are more easy to roll with. When I am in touch with my intention my action is infused with that energy regardless of the outcome. I can then take the lesson from the failure and build from the success with more clarity. The overall vision takes on the forest and the action consists of planting the many different individual trees.

Over to you…

Have you ever found yourself acting with intention or having intention without action? What changed when you combined the two?