Jordan Belfort and the Ballpoint Pen

Jordan Belfort has unarguably been a ‘colourful’ character to date. In the movie the Wolf of Wallstreet his narcissistic, manipulative and materialistic tendencies are clearly underlined. The movie teaches us many things, one being the danger of letting power get to your head and losing the run of yourself. If Belfort was highly narcisstic then how then did he become such a powerful leader? Highly narcisstic people by their very nature rarely tend to be highly self-aware or perceptive of their surroundings. How then did he get people to proverbially run through walls for him if he hadn’t the capacity to be relatable to other people? It may be because his narcissism was only one aspect of his character and a characteristic that unfortunately began to dominate him and lead to his ‘gloriously’ destructive downfall.

I was watching a video the other day of Belfort speaking with Piers Morgan about the art of selling a pen. It is quite an interesting video because it demonstrates that Belfort has a strong grasp of at least two fundamental principles. An economist will see that he clearly understands the basic concept of supply and demand and a sociologist will see that he understands the immense mutual power that is created when you invest in someone other than yourself.

Jordan Belfort selling a Pen