KISS the Day

Keep It Simple Stupid - KISS

There is an acronym that is frequently used in computer programming and design circles called the KISS method. This philosophy keeps simplicity in mind at all costs. Instead of choosing a feature heavy website that may on the surface appear impressive, the KISS method helps to steer the creator to a more balanced path where the fundamentals of basic functionality and navigability can shine through. It turns out that the KISS method can also be used as a philosophy for approaching daily living.

A New Thought Each Day

Each day provides the possibility of a new thought and a fresh way of looking at the same thing. A useful experiment to highlight the power behind this approach is to consciously make the decision for the next couple of minutes to pay attention to your surroundings. What did you notice that you didn't see before? If nothing new appears, walk into another room. Spot anything different now? If you are anything like me then you won't have to venture too far or for too long before something 'new' comes into your awareness. Only today I realised  that people have started to write on a wall in the office. I had to pass the wall a couple of times before I eventually broke from my tunnel vision to notice it.

KISS the Present

I often use KISS as a heuristic that helps to keep me more centered. I find it very tempting to try and map out the future from my present, but I know this is not how life works. When I map out my future from my present there are numerous variables that I can't take into account. The most subtle and most important being my level of thinking in the moment. The KISS heuristic allows me to create a space in the present where I can produce, learn and create real results.


Did this blog post help you? Do you have any heuristics that help to keep you centered in the here and now? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.