Living in Sequence

I laugh at the donkey who died of thirst because he couldn't decide whether to eat the hay or drink the water first. Nevertheless, I am confronted with this donkey in my head every day. To create the space necessary for this simple blog post required overcoming the donkey. Living_in_Sequence

Every day I am tempted by the tools of procrastination. My brain has become addicted to the constant hits of dopamine that my smartphone notifications willing give it. Left to it's own devices my brain would believe that the never ending exposure to trivial and petty dramas actually mattered.

My brain cannot comprehend the depth to life in the same way that my heart intuitively can and I cannot listen to my heart when my mind is clouded in countless trivialities. It is a vicious circle, that is until I consciously begin to create a space for prioritisation to emerge. It is at this point that I can begin to once more live more in a sequential order.

Multitasking is by it's very nature shallow work. Try listening to two people at once and this becomes evident very quickly. So how can we get started living a sequential purpose driven life today?

3 Simple Steps for Sequential Living

  1. Record the top 3 things you want to get done today. It doesn't matter how small these items are. It could be as simple as meeting up with a good friend.
  2. Take 30 minutes out of the day to relax and chill out. Going through the day on 'thoughopilot' can lead to a narrow focus. Over the long term this narrow focus leads to a sense of 'same shit different day'. The hard truth of the matter is that it is never the day itself that is the issue.
  3. Create a long term vision. At the beginning may feel quite strange and a little 'grandiose' but you can think of it this way - You are creating the vision for your future self to grown into.

I would love to know how you are allowing the space to emerge to experience more of what really matters to you?