Living with the Unknown

What is the unknown?

Feeling uncertain about how the future will unfold is a part of life. No matter how much I try and hide from the unknown and cling onto feelings of certainty it is inevitable that I will feel uncertain in at least some areas of my life. Living in this way is underpinned by the basic assumption that the unknown is somehow inherently bad, but is that really true? Is it true that if I look for a certain path that I won't be met with failure and disappointment? Is it true that if I follow my own passions and curiosities that I might also fail? I guess the better question would be, could I succeed in following a path I created myself in the same way that I could succeed in following a road constructed for me by others? Could following my own path uncover the truths behind what money, a house, a family and happiness mean to me as an individual who is part of an overall system but is not the system itself?

What is a sense of certainty made of?

If I am going to seek certainty then before I set out on this journey I guess I better ask myself some simple clarifying questions. Let's start with the most basic and fundamental of questions, what exactly is a sense of certainty? What does it feel like and why do I think it is so great to begin with? When living with a sense of certainty I feel like my safety and security needs are being met. I have a house over my head, food on my plate and a handful of friends, what more could a guy ask for? In a perfect world there would be no need to change anything, there would be no need to face my unknown fears. However, the reality of the matter is that we live in an imperfect world and I am imperfect by my nature. It only takes a handful of impactful life events to happen in order for me to wake me up to this truth. When I innately know that I am living in a world of change it no longer makes sense for me to look to keep things the same. I know that  these efforts would be futile and why fight nature when I could just as easily choose to flow with it?

Living in the unknown

Is the unknown that bad? My experience so far is that it isn't. The feelings that I once feared are not that bad to begin with, they are feelings that had become magnified over time in my mind's eye. In fact I have faced much more adversity living with a sense of certainty simply because I was living in the unknown but I didn't know it. When I realise I am living in the unknown to begin with I am far more adaptable and not as easily blind sided, shit happens and I can deal with it because I have accepted it is a part of life. This doesn't mean that I won't ever feel sorrow or anger or any other emotion but what is does mean is that I feel less of a need to judge myself or put on a facade. The unknown is made of fearful feelings that I have yet to accept, certainty is made of self limitations. With this in mind how do you choose to live?