Nobody Cares about Your Results As much as You Do

The Misunderstanding

I think if someone were to tell me this fundamental truth a few years back then I probably would have heard something along the lines of 'nobody cares about what you do' or even 'nobody cares about you!' I would be hearing these words from my ego, a place where numerous personal misunderstandings are to be found. In this instance one of the misunderstandings was that I felt my sense of self worth and self esteem were tied into the opinions others have of me.


However, on this day I was open to hearing something new, something that I could in turn reflect on. Reflection is important because it brings me the space necessary to observe things from a quiet mind. What I heard was that I am the one who truly cares about what I do and the choices I make in my life, even if other people wanted to care more than I do, it simply goes against human logic.

As I reflected on this truth I began to think of the times that I had achieved something that I felt was noteworthy. I began to see that other people had varying degrees of interest and that if I am being brutally honest nobody was as truly impacted by my result as I was. I then flipped this and began to think of times I heard of the achievements of family and friends. Sure I was happy for the person, but I can remember rather swiftly getting on with my own reality of thinking about how I was doing or what I could be doing to make a difference. I then thought why would it even matter if somebody truly cares about my results, it's not like I can ever feel their feelings anyway. I then realised that I had always just assumed that it mattered.


The Truth

The truth is that I am the one attaching meaning to all my life results and choices and this is a liberating truth. It means that these meanings that I have chosen, often by default, are not as static as I initially believed. It means that I am not seeking results to make other people happy or for their reactions to make me happy, because I know that it doesn't work that way and it never has. This knowledge gives me more space to live, breathe and think in the present and that in and of itself is a life worth living.


Did this blog post help? Can you think of times when you achieved results that only you were truly impacted by? Would you like to have a clearer perspective? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.