Overlooking the Simple

The Doorway to Creativity

Simplicity is the doorway to creativity and innovation. Behind the complex lies the simple. I often stand so close to the simple answer that I frequently fail to see it right in front of me. Thoughts like 'it can't be that simple' spring to mind. As I follow this line of inquiry I hear things such as 'surely someone would have thought of that before', 'I will look stupid if I put forward a simple solution to a complex problem', 'I can show off my intellectual prowess by making things appear more complex than they really are.

Clarify the Goal

A useful question to ask myself, before following any old trail of thought, is 'what exactly am I trying to achieve here?' 'Am I trying to be of service and value to other people or am I trying to feed my personal ego?' 'Am I seeking my happiness in circumstances outside of myself or am I coming from a place of clarity?

Live in the Real World

One of my main goals is to live in the real world as much as I can each day. Living in the real world is where a real life can be lead. When I live in the real world I can see the paradoxes of life more clearly. When I live in the real world I second guess myself less often. When I live in the real world I can accept emotions rather than fear and hide from them. When I live in the real world I live in an environment where taking action will give me immediate feedback. Simplicity would tell me to clarify my focus and keep trying new things. Simplicity would tell me that taking things less personally is a skill I can nurture and develop as I move through time.

Did this blog post help you? Are you overlooking a simple solution in an area of your life? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me anĀ e-mail.