Precision beats Speed

Communication via Feeling

As human beings we innately communicate through feeling. Language is a man made tool and therefore is imperfect by it's very nature. There are feelings and sheadspaceituations that no words can describe, this is no more plainly evident than for a student of translation.

Slow Down

When we feel anxiety about being misunderstood by others we often have the unfortunate tendency to speed up and become more verbose. Unfortunately, this reaction is largely as ineffective as moving for the brakes when a car hits ice. In the moment it may seem counter intuitive, but we need to slow down, not speed up. Precision always beats speed.

I didn't have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead

- Mark Twain

As with most programmed reactions, there is no quick fix. The solutions are simple but not easy. Here is a solution for today:


Meditation is simply a way of training ourselves to detach ourselves from our thoughts. The goal is to observe, not to suppress thoughts. When we observe we gain perspective and we realise just how ridiculous and meaningless most of our thoughts are. We also begin to see how a lot of our thoughts weren't even originated by us to begin with. A good entry point into this field is through the HeadSpace app. The first ten days are free, so there really is nothing to lose other than a fear based overactive imagination.

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