Produce to Move Forward

Producing v Perfection

I often find what limits me from producing is my own imagined idea of perfection. Although I have never seen perfection I sometimes hold myself to this impossible standard. If there is such a thing as perfection I would imagine it to be a state of nothingness. The logic being that if there is nothing to criticise then there is nothing to perfect on. Holding myself to a standard of perfection will therefore allow me to produce very little at best and at worst nothing at all. It has been my experience, that this is exactly what happens to me and some of the people I observe around me. In our state of over analysis paralysis we have forgotten to take the action that is required to bring new outcomes and results.

Producing as Documenting

Producing doesn't need to appear so scary. In fact if we look at producing as simply documenting then it will appear more than manageable. Producing is a process and with a process comes tangible output and something that we can iterate and improve on.

Producing also becomes somewhat less personal when I can see it as documenting. I can then see that I am documenting my current level of thinking, the bugs in my thought process and the solutions I find that help shift my thinking to a more productive logic.

Produce and Forget About It

In the grand scheme of things I am not that important and with this realisation comes the freedom to produce. If I make a mistake chances are life will go on, the sun will more than likely rise again tomorrow even if I mess up spectacularly. It is easier and more enjoyable to produce from a mindset of - put it out there and forget about it. Forget about it in the sense of don't worry about it and don't take it personally. There is always the possibility of iterating and improving on ideas in an impersonal manner.

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