Suspend the Bullshit Filters

The Computer Brain

Computer programming has allowed me to see that the brain is like a computer. The brain is more advanced and a little more mystic but it's basic operations are much the same. We feed the brain input and we get a corresponding output. Much like a computer, the brain is neutral, meaning it doesn't care what we feed it, it can't feel the difference between 'good' or 'bad' like we can as humans. It carries out instructions as we feed them to it. By its very nature, the brain is a wonderful and loyal servant but a cruel master.

World Filters

One of the more important functions of the brain is that it filters information in order for us to make sense of things. The brain takes in about 400 Billion bits of information a second and filters a mere 2000 or so into our awareness. I can only imagine that if the filters we view life though only gradually change over our lifetime or barely ever change at all, then life may appear static to us. It may appear that everything is black or white, right or wrong. If we are feeling hopeless then the world will appear that way to us, if we are fearful the world will appear that way too, if we are sad then it will seem the world is sad with us. A small, victimised, helpless life comes  when moment to moment we are living in the feeling that life is coming at us and we are completely at it's mercy.

Put the Bullshit Filters to one Side

As I eluded to in the opening paragraph, the brain is not our master, it is in fact our faithful servant. It becomes the master when we are not aware who is in charge. We are the masters who feed the input, i.e. the meanings we choose to attach to our daily interactions, therefore, at any given moment we have the power to put the filters to one side.

If I don't like the way I am seeing things then it is not necessary for me to persist with this line of inquiry. It is a rule of nature that whatever I resist persists. The more useful thing for me to do is to relax and allow the space for a situation to come to me through a different lens. In my experience, it doesn't seem like I can choose the lens, mainly because I don't know exactly what way I could be looking at a situation. Nevertheless, it has been my experience that when I can admit 'defeat' to myself and when I can generate enough humility within me to become quiet and to listen, then new ways of looking at the same situation will gradually begin to appear to me. They usually appear when I actually listen to other people, rather than listening through the filter of my own thinking, or even when a new thought comes into my awareness. I like the way Michael Neill put it in his podcast interview with Mara Gleeson on Caffeine for the Soul.

I don't like this reality, can I have another please and in fact yes, yes you can.