The Four Dimensional World of Commerce

  To the naked eye the world appears in a 3D format, however, we gradually become aware that this is not how we experience our world around us.

In the world of commerce there are four underlying dimensions that businesses, by and large, fall under.


Dimension 1 

Businesses that lie along this axis most commonly appear during an economic boom. The sole purpose of the business is to profit from the good times. They are profit centric, therefore, they concentrate on satisfying shareholder needs and the upper echelons of the company. They aren’t willing to forego present profit for a more long term plan and future financial stability. They don't appreciate their employees because hiring the best talent wasn't one of their primary objectives to begin with. These businesses generally follow the crowd and are therefore unadaptable when big challenges present themselves, this is predominantly linked to the reason they went into business in the first place.


Dimension 2

These businesses follow the economy, in the sense that they see profit as important, but they concentrate more on stability. They see their employees as one of the more valuable resources and therefore they invest in them and attempt to empower them. They attempt to filter potentially negative employees by having a strong recruitment team, and/or through employee recommendation schemes. They may also have some form of profit sharing incentive in place.


Dimension 3

These companies have successfully navigated dimension 2 and now they see the next step as giving back to society, in a purposeful and meaningful manner. These businesses don’t have a CSR committee for keeping up appearances, rather they have it because they realise that they now have the energy and power to pump resources into worthwhile causes that are also in line with their view of the world. This helps to exponentially grow the type of society they need to prosper in.


Dimension 4

This dimension skips dimension 1 entirely, and has a focus, in some way shape or form, on dimension 3 and 4 from the offset. They do the opposite of dimension 1 in that they don’t follow the profiteers. They form a business based on a need they see that exists in their modern day society. These companies look to create a positive impact on their world and it just so happens that creating a business is the best outlet for positive change. These companies, when successful, capture the hearts and imagination of the people.

A company is simply a group of people coming together with a common goal - Sir Richard Branson.