The Learning Curve

A Funny Kind of Logic

For a large portion of my life I unintentionally limited myself with a funny kind of logic. I tended to want to do more of the things I was naturally good at and less of the things that took me a little longer to get the hang of. I'm not quite sure when I picked up the strange idea that I needed to be a certain level of good to do something.

On a rational level it would make sense that I would learn to become better at things that I was initially really bad at. However, my life has often been controlled by all sorts of irrational thinking. Being bad at something brought up a lot of insecure feeling and rather than being open and curious to this feeling it was much easier to feel a tingle of anxiety and run a mile.


There is Always a Curve To Climb

The truth of the matter is that there is always a learning curve. The choice lies in whether I choose to acknowledge the curve or not. When faced with this truth it no longer makes much sense to perceive learning as a struggle. There is no right time to begin or there is no perfect amount of time to do something for. The real question is why do I choose to learn this?

Possibility is Where the Curve Begins

I guess it is easier to embrace the learning curve when I know that it starts with possibility. The possibility of becoming a guitarist will give me the incentive to buy a guitar and start playing a few notes. The possibility of speaking a foreign language will move me to do a Google search in order to find the nearest Meetup group where I can practice.

Possibility is where life begins and boredom ends. Possibility is where adventure and a sense of aliveness come from.

Over to You...

Have you ever became good at something you thought was not for you? I would love to hear some of your insights in the comments section.