The McGregor Effect

The 'McGregor Effect' is a term that has been coined and thrown around quite a lot recently. In the space of a few years he has gone from a 'nobody' to a 'somebody'. Some people may think he is arrogant and ignorant and he will meet his match someday, I believe he is a man that is continuously in the process of mastering the art of human psychology. I believe that this is his greatest asset, followed closely by his physique. Whenever I see Conor I am reminded that words are powerful and you become what you think. We really have to watch how we speak about ourselves and others. He may come across to people as arrogant, but there is no arguing that he talks about himself in a positive light. While he may be prone to thrash talk, as success in his industry often dictates, I believe that it is in his seemingly inconspicuous answers where he demonstrates his sharp intellect.

Whenever Conor is thrown a 'curve ball' aimed at knocking him off his perch and highlighting a 'chink in the armour', he passes the test each and every time. I have seen that his default answer at times can be as simple as 'It is what it is'.

This is a very simple yet very effective default answer. I remember when he was asked about Jose Aldo pulling out at the last minute and Mendes coming in, if it had hampered his preparation in any way, he responded with 'It is what it is'. By doing so he stopped the interviewer from delving any deeper into the topic and it sent out the message that he is fully adaptable and he is mentally toughened to anything life may throw in his path. He oftens says he has a vision and he has playfully said that he is 'Mystic Mack' but it isn't really his unique vision that is getting him places, it is his stern belief that his visions are real. It isn't the visualisation part of things that is making him go places, it is the actualisation.

Conor has been credited with bringing more positivity and optimism to Ireland, and rightly so. He is one of those unique sports personalities who transcends life. I believe that he is the physical manifestation of the ideal that if we believe in something and work hard enough everyday then someday that dream will become a reality. If you are what you think and say then I am glad that there are people like Conor in this world, warts and all.