The Value of Humility

Humility - A Misunderstanding

Growing up I innately knew that humility was an admirable quality in any character, but it was difficult for me to put my finger on why this is so. I could feel the difference between someone humble and someone faking it but intellectually I didn't know why I knew. It seemed to me that humility was a way for other people to praise me for the work I was willing to do without recognition for that work. To say that this didn't make much logical sense to me is a gross understatement, but because I didn't know any other way of perceiving humility I decided to accept this as truth.

I didn't realise that I had innocently confused humility with martyrdom. I didn't realise that I was looking at humility through my insecurity. I didn't realise that I wasn't looking at the purpose of humility, I was looking at it through the lens of people pleasing.

The Purpose of Humility

Today I see humility with fresh eyes. Humility is now more practical in nature and no longer anything to do with martyrdom. Humility is a way for me to open my heart and listen to the people around me more. It allows me to recognise when I am listening to people through the lens of my own thinking and be able to light heartedly say to myself 'here I go again'. Humility keeps my ego in check and allows me to know that I am a learning machine not an all knowing machine. I don't always see humility but when I do it allows me to experience a world bigger than myself and for that I am grateful to humility.

Have you been confusing humility with martyrdom? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.