thinking is thinking

Equal Weight

I was on a coaching call recently and I had a fleeting realisation that all my thinking is of equal weight. It doesn’t appear that way to me in the moment because I have stronger feelings around certain types of thought. In the moment I mistakenly project my stronger feelings onto the external reality of a situation. Thinking without the meaning that I attach to it is powerless to control or manipulate me.

On the call I was attempting to find more clarity around my perception of money and wealth. I have struggled over the years from misperceptions around the concept of money. My mind was full of superstitious thinking and general misunderstandings. I had picked these up over time. When you live inside a bubble you don’t tend to see the ocean as clearly.

It’s not about the money or the piece of wood

From an early age we are exposed to thinking around money. If we take the time to pause and reflect we can acknowledge that money isn’t the issue here. The issue lies with the meaning we attach to money. I had chosen to attach freedom of choice to money and I had chosen to completely forget about the paradox of choice. I could have chosen to view money as a route to choosing the most meaningful path available to me at each moment in time. If it wasn’t money it would be something else, it would probably be the piece of wood I was bartering for a pig.

Moving Forward

In my experience a brief insight around a thought pattern doesn’t seem to resolve the issue at hand for me. What it does bring me is more clarity of mind and a general direction to head in. The beauty of the system is that clarity and peace of mind seem to be where my happiness resides.  As a result of this conversation I will read the following two books:

Money is my Friend by Phil Laut

Essentialism — The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

Did you find this blog post useful? Have you struggled with your thinking around money or have you already read these two books? If so I would love to hear your thoughts by leaving a comment or dropping me an e-mail.