Transition to PyCharm

Transition to PyCharm

The time has come to transition from using my  trusty iTerm and Sublime Text applications to using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called PyCharm. I would see this as transitioning from using a bicycle with training wheels to riding a motorcycle. It is my expectation that initially it will be difficult for me to find my balance when using PyCharm and that there will be some teething problems but in the long term I know that this adaption will allow things to run that bit more smoothly.

Clarity via Seperation

Prior to using PyCharm, I have been using two separate programs to run my Python scripts. I used Sublime text editor to write the scripts and iTerm2 to run the scripts. As a beginner it was useful to separate the components parts, in this way I could more clearly see what each component was capable of doing on its own. It also allowed me to reduce the effects of information overload and find my initial balance. Nevertheless this strategy, the practicalities of which were given to me by my programming mentor, for beginner mind clarity does come with some trade offs. The biggest trade off being a decrease in long term speed and effectiveness.

Merging back to One

PyCharm is an IDE which means that everything is self contained and runs within the same window. Basically my terminal and text editor are now both in the same application. This means that I no longer have to navigate from one application to the other in order run the simplest of scripts. I can now write and execute the script in the same environment. As I have only begun the transition this is purely a surface level understanding of the pros and cons and how the transition from one to the other looks.

Useful Tip: When you go to download PyCharm, I have been advised not to worry about purchasing the Pro version, the Community Edition is more than adequate to get started with.

Do you use PyCharm or are you thinking about using it? Did this blog post help to clear anything up for you? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.