Using The Brain as the Processor It Always Was

My Brain as a Storage Device

A lack of conscious thought on my part has lead me to living with the assumption that my brain is intended to be some form of storage device. In computer terms I would relate it to the HDD or SSD on a computer.

And who could blame me? My brain seems to be able to recall past events at will. My brain seems to allow me to relive experiences from the past on a visceral level. It is only natural that I would think of it as a storage device for my memories both happy and melancholic.

Nevertheless, this assumption is based on the premise that I am using my brain the way it was intended to be used. But what if my brain wasn't designed to be used as a storage device but as a processor?

My Brain as a Processor

It's almost astonishing how this 'little' assumption has created an entirely fresh conversation. If the brain were to function as a processor then maybe the memories that I am constantly reliving are sign of a bug and not a feature? The primary function of a processor is to process information in order to create something coherent and meaningful. A processor isn't functioning correctly when it fails to process the information it is fed from input to output.

So what if this bug is keeping me trapped in the past, locked into the future and overlooking the present moment entirely? If nothing else it's an interesting question to entertain.