When the Status Quo is best left alone

the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do - Steve Jobs.

This is quite an inspirational quote from one of the men who has made a huge impact on the world, although it is rather deceptive. At first glance it seems like one person should believe that he/she is capable of changing the world on their own, in this way it may come to fruition some day. I often ask myself is this what Jobs originally believed when he was an 'unknown'.  From looking at the man's life, I think the popularity of this quote stems from the media bias. The media bias has a tendency to often sensationalise things.

Jobs started Apple with Steve Wozniak with the simple purpose of building computers they themselves wanted to use, then when friends became interested they wanted to build computers for them. They didn't set out to build an empire but they ended up changing the world all the same.

It is widely acknowledged that the key to solving big problems is to think small, find that starting point. It is an easy task to spend the majority of our time complaining about governmental policy and lamenting the past but it comes with the price of a hard life for that individual. It is much harder for us to swallow our pride and take a more holistic approach in order to solve the meaningful problems. Problems like how to make our own lives better and making community life better, problems that will require hard work but will make our lives easier and all the more purposeful for it.

The big problems, like solving inequality, are far too large for a single man to solve. For centuries, nations have failed to solve them, so we should not delude ourselves with arrogance when we could be playing our own part in society a little better. Great nations are born when rural communities and urban communities both thrive. Great nations are rare because it is a rarity that the majority of a population will become consciously aware that the big picture is not created by a single man or woman but it is created by the masses coming together to work on their own little bits of the tapestry.

It is necessary to give feedback on how a nation is run and could be run but it is entirely unnecessary to spend the sum of our natural lives with this sole purpose. Life is often simple but if we spend our lives thinking about huge societal problems, that in my opinion are continual tests for which there are no correct answers, then life becomes a lot more complex and therefore a lot harder for us. We are just as fallible as the nation we are born into so why should we pretend otherwise when we are looking at problems perched aloft a fence.

We think too big when we think of changing the world. What we have to do is play our part in the scene we are in. What is required is that we show up and not give in to stage fright. In order to change the world, we need to strive to improve our own life and in turn help improve the lives of the people around us. Changing the world isn't such a monumental challenge once we each think smaller, work as a team and try to show up everyday.