Write it Out

An Old Paradigm of Journaling

Growing up I didn't write a blog and I didn't keep a journal, in fact I didn't write much at all. Writing was something I did to pass a test and this had sucked the joy and imagination that I needed to actually write like a human being. Within the confines of this boxed in understanding I couldn't see what use a journal or a blog could bring other than to 'waste time' on a creative endeavour that was of little or no use in the 'real world'.

The Payoff to Writing

Personally, I have found that writing helps me to organise information in such a way that I can retain the most important bits of information. It helps me to solidify what I already know as well as help my logic and reasoning skills to flow and evolve. I have observed that when I fail to write things down I am more prone to having random pieces of information floating around inside my head with no coherent whole. When almost everything appears random to me I am less likely to catch myself being sucked in by irrelevant and irrational trails of thought. I am less likely to have the ability to think 'why the hell am I thinking about that?' and then come back to taking action on my goals.

Writers Block

As a writer, what has often kept me from writing more was a fear of the unknown. In order to make the unknown known to me and be able to write consistently I thought that I needed to map out all my future posts from the present. This thought immediately sucked the joy and purpose out of writing and replaced it with unnecessary stress.

I remember Seth Godin once saying;  why should I get writer's block when I don't get talker's block? You can read more about it in his post Writer's Block and the Drip in which he states that writer's block was invented in the 1940's. When I initially heard his thoughts around writing I can still remember the feeling of 'Oh, that sounds like truth'. Building on this, I have recently allowed myself to have some fresh questions and thinking around consistent writing:

What if I write about what I am learning not only as a means to help other people but also as a means to help my writing skills and logic progress?

What if there is no rule to consistent writing, what if I let the thought flow and the chips fall where they may?


Do you struggle journal or write a blog? Have you noticed any benefits that I haven't mentioned? Would you like to have a clearer head? If you have any insights, questions or recommendations feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.