Individual 1 to 1 Sessions


In the 1 to 1 session I will teach you about the principles, frameworks and hacks that can dramatically decrease your learning curve. I will teach you about how I applied the 80/20 principle to language learning and how I applied the Feynman principle to Python programming. I will teach you some of the basics to how your brain works and how you can optimise it to learning something completely new. These techniques and understandings are what allowed me to learn Spanish and Italian and create a website using Python all within a matter of months.


  1. A big picture view on the topic.
  2. Clarity around your end goal.
  3. Tangible actions steps.
  4. A better awareness of how your state of mind affects the learning process.
  5. A renewed sense of joy and fun.

Specific Skills

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Python
  3. French, Spanish & Italian


My current prices are an investment of €120.

You have nothing to lose but an annoyingly persistent pattern of thinking

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Thomas decided to learn Python programming around the time he met me. This is what he has to say:


Before I met Denis I had never even considered that perhaps the trick to successfully and quickly learning something was in the art of learning itself. If you’re getting bogged down with trying to learn something new and feeling as though each attempt is more unsuccessful than the last, perhaps a conversation over a coffee with Denis is all you need!

- Thomas McDonnell


Learning how to Learn Package - €350

As part of this course we will work on getting you unstuck from the creative blocks you are currently experiencing. Working through these blocks is what allows learning to feel more effortless. We will work on setting clear goals and I will help you to take action on the steps you know you need to take.

The course contains the following:

  • Four 1 to 1 Zoom sessions.
  • Four Weekly Emails outlining the theme and goals for the week
  • Email support.

Course Benefits

  • A simple learning process.
  • A big picture view on the learning process.
  • Clarity around your end goals.
  • An individual learning blue print that is optimised to be fun for you to follow.
  • Overcome procrastination and self induced tension.

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If you are struggling to learn a foreign language then I can teach you the fundamentals in as little as 4 sessions. Here is what Mira Griffiths has to say:


I first started to work with Denis because I wanted to learn German. I took one level of a German course in the past but got nowhere with it. Recently when I wanted to start learning again I struggled to get myself started, I would start and stop, it was painful at times and I avoided it most of the time. 

In the past, I learned English on the go, never thought much of it I just soaked in the language of the environment. So I knew that the whole process must be easier but I could not get there myself. 

Denis almost literally held my hand to get me through my limiting thinking, he pushed me gently to see how I have been limiting myself and I got to the stage where I now enjoy 'studying', it has become a game I play every day and I enjoy it. No pressure, no time constraints, no stressing about it, no judgments and no procrastination. I never thought it will be possible.



- Mira Griffiths