Speak with Confidence

Designed from over 10 years experience learning languages.

How is the course delivered?

The course is 4 weeks 1 to 1 with me.

I use Zoom for our calls which will last 1 hour.

Course Benefits

  • Increased confidence and well being.

  • Decrease in information overload and overwhelm.

  • Specific strategies, tools and techniques.

  • Increased grounding during real time conversations with native speakers.

I don't work with everyone, if you wish to work with me then you must be committed to doing the work and attending the calls with an open mind.


Join The Happy Mindset - mindful language hackers group to find out more.


If you are struggling to learn a foreign language then I can teach you the fundamentals in as little as 4 sessions. Here is what Mira Griffiths has to say:


I first started to work with Denis because I wanted to learn German. I took one level of a German course in the past but got nowhere with it. Recently when I wanted to start learning again I struggled to get myself started, I would start and stop, it was painful at times and I avoided it most of the time.

In the past, I learned English on the go, never thought much of it I just soaked in the language of the environment. So I knew that the whole process must be easier but I could not get there myself.

Denis almost literally held my hand to get me through my limiting thinking, he pushed me gently to see how I have been limiting myself and I got to the stage where I now enjoy 'studying', it has become a game I play every day and I enjoy it. No pressure, no time constraints, no stressing about it, no judgments and no procrastination. I never thought it will be possible.

- Mira Griffiths