1 Month - Think Like A Language Hacker

General Overview

Week 1 - Mindset & Habits

  • We will look at your current confidence levels and beliefs about learning a new language.

  • We will look at how you think about learning a new language and what assumptions might be making the process longer than it has to be. 

  • We will look at what daily, consistent habits to start implementing and how to make the process fun for you.

Week 2 - Hacks & Principles

  • We will explore 80/20 principles.

  • The concept of word usage frequency and

  • How to identify the words and verbs to get you speaking from Day 1.

Week 3 - Executing a Plan

We will look at your long term goal and work backwards.

We will look at how many words to learn each week,

How to learn grammar within context and how to focus on similarities rather than difference.

Week 4 - Creating Your Environment 

We will look at how to move forward so that you maintain the most exposure possible to the language with the least amount of effort.

We will look at beliefs people have that lead to a lack of practice and why some people seem to lose the ability to speak a language and how to not let that happen to you.

What you will Receive

  • 4 1 hour Weekly Calls (Either online with Zoom or in person in Rathmines)

  • Specific Action Steps & Accountability.

  • How to make learning Spanish a daily habit.

  • How to identify your goal and work backwards.

  • How to identify frequently used words.

  • How to identify verb tenses and verbs that will help you get speaking from Day 1.

  • Daily access to me to ask me any questions you have.

  • Workbook


  • A better understanding of your language learning style.

  • A framework for effective real world learning.

  • Ability to ask the right questions that will save you time.

  • Clarity on the action steps to take to improve your level.

3 Months Language Hacker Immersion

General Overview

Month 1 - Mindset, Habits, Hacks & Principles

  • We will spend this month really helping you gain clarity on what your real beliefs around language learning are.

  • We will remove any self-limiting beliefs and misunderstandings standing in your way.

  • We will test and refine the best daily habits that will help you build momentum. 

  • We will look at the language learning strategies that professional language hackers use including 80/20 principles and visualisation techniques.

Month 2 - Think like a Language Hacker

  • This month we are really going to focus on how to ask yourself the right questions.

  • We will look at how to approach learning lists of words, how to build muscle memory and how to get a feel for the patterns in a language.

  • We will look at how to deal with mental blocks, how to reframe 'embarrassing mistakes'  and we will uncover what you tend to focus on and pay attention to when you learn a language. 

Month 3 - Executing a Plan

  • This month we will really get clear on how to improve our general conversation and conversations in 1 - 3 areas of particular interest to you.

  • We will look at how to use word usage frequency lists and how to learn grammar from context.

  • In this month we will be creating a detailed plan that will serve as a blueprint for any language you want to learn in the future.

  • We will also look at flashcard systems and memory association techniques. 

What you will get

  • All of option 1. 

  • 12 1 Hour Weekly Calls (Either online with Zoom or in person in Rathmines).

  • Weekly action steps and accountability.

  • How to use word usage frequency lists.

  • Productive language learning habits and beliefs.

  • Memory techniques and how to reframe situations. 

  • 3 month immersion in thinking and acting like a language hacker.

  • How to learn grammar with context.

  • Workbook


  • All of Option 1.

  • Comfortable speaking in general conversation.

  • Ability to hold a conversation in 1 to 3 areas of interest to you.

  • Ability to think and ask yourself questions like a language hacker.

If you are struggling to learn a foreign language then I can help you make progress in as little as 4 sessions. Here is what Mira Griffiths has to say:


I first started to work with Denis because I wanted to learn German. I took one level of a German course in the past but got nowhere with it. Recently when I wanted to start learning again I struggled to get myself started, I would start and stop, it was painful at times and I avoided it most of the time.

In the past, I learned English on the go, never thought much of it I just soaked in the language of the environment. So I knew that the whole process must be easier but I could not get there myself.

Denis almost literally held my hand to get me through my limiting thinking, he pushed me gently to see how I have been limiting myself and I got to the stage where I now enjoy 'studying', it has become a game I play every day and I enjoy it. No pressure, no time constraints, no stressing about it, no judgments and no procrastination. I never thought it will be possible.

- Mira Griffiths