Denis is the founder of The Happy Mindset, language hacker, and polyglot. As a computer programmer, he discovered how we can hack languages and reprogram our brains to learn more effectively, instead of waiting for AI  (Artificial Intelligence) to learn for us he takes advantage of our innately human NI (Natural Intelligence).

On Denis’s thought provoking podcast “The Happy Mindset Show,” he  interviews guests with the intention of spreading insights and realizations to help his audience live a life they love. As a coach and facilitator, he helps his students to get out of their own way, speak and become more effective language learners and communicators. 

Self-taught, Denis discovered how to use the most common 3,000 words to  achieve conversational fluency in Spanish and Italian in only 3 months. He  then completed a Masters in Translation in French and Spanish with a  diploma in Italian in record time. 
In his talks, Denis debunks assumptions based on conventional ways of learning languages. He highlights how the language learning process is filled with  opportunities to experience joy, fulfillment, self-actualization and personal  growth.

When Denis isn’t talking about learning, he is learning! You’ll find his nose  in a book or discussing philosophy. Ask him what he’s read recently!


Some Talks He Gives

1. My IMpersonal Learning Journey

What if you didn't take the learning journey personally? What if the key to rapid progress is to be found in the impersonal? So often what holds us back from learning that new skill is not technical ability but a habit of taking things personally.

In this talk I speak about the power of choice and how it relates to language learning. I shed light on the following 3 key misunderstandings that often get in our way as language learners:

  1. Learning as a measure of intellect.

  2. Perfect decision making.

  3. Perfect knowledge.

I suggest how we can navigate around each of these perceived obstacles with a little more ease and grace.

2. If this is what difficult looks like, i'll take simple please

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - Newton's Third Law of Motion. With Newton in mind, my worldview is that for every difficult way of doing something there is also a simple way.

In this talk I explore how every path begins with a question and therefore the quality of our questions are what determine the trajectory of our paths. I demonstrate how the path to becoming a computer programmer or a cunning linguist is simpler that you might expect. I highlight how a path created from the right mentors and the right resources can help to shave years off the learning curve.

3. You either Win or you Learn

There really are only ever two choices - you either win or you learn. In this talk I explore why losing is a concept that only ever exists in our own perception. The fact of the matter is that fumbling around and making mistakes is inevitable - all true innovations begin when we cross over into the unknown, the future unfolds from the ever changing variables found in the present moment, so why refer to failure when we could just as easily refer to it as the learning curve?


Places He Has Spoken

Open Learning Centre



Practical and inspiring! Learning how to learn is an area that every student, teacher and human needs to hear. Denis has a way of getting the audience to let go of self-judgment and instead focus on how we approach life-long-learning with curiosity and mindset.

Soness Stevens, TED & 3-time TEDx speaker, Founder of Your Speaking Journey