3 Insights to Go From Information to Transformation

Going from Information to Transformation is the Holy Grail of learning. However for a long time I didn't know that transformation was even a thing, never to mind experience it. In this post I will shed light on 3 vital components that will help you on your shift from information to transformation

1. Consumer to Producer Mindset

The first mindset shift that is required to go from information to transformation is to go from being a passive consumer to an active producer. Initially this can be quite difficult but like with any learning it becomes easier when you take it in bite sized chunks. Going from consumer to producer isn't a binary matter as there will always be something to learn from others along your journey.

My most recent conscious decision to switch my consumer to producer ratio came in the form of starting The Happy Mindset Show podcast. At the time I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to produce but I knew that I was consuming some really good information. It occurred to me that by doing a podcast I could still consume quality information but at the same time produce content for others that would also benefit from this.

2. Feedback from Reality

Feedback from reality will give us experience and it is this experience that will turn information into transformation:


Information + Experience = Transformation


To get an insight into why the experience part of the equation break down the whole equation consider this Oscar Wilde quote:


"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes" - Oscar Wilde


The hardest part to learning is accepting and then learning from our mistakes but without this vital element we never get to the transformation and change we say that we want.

Feedback is such a small component of learning but it is huge. In the past when I have avoided feedback I have held onto erroneous ideas and concepts of how reality works for far too long. With feedback I have been able to adjust and adapt so that I do not live to be a bitter old man with many regrets about how I think the world should be.

The fact of the matter is that feedback will pragmatically teach you how a part of reality actually works. Sure it is scary, it doesn't always feel nice to be wrong but a simple question that works for me is to ask myself


would I rather be right or be happy?


Sometimes the resistance to feedback wins but I overcome this resistance battle by battle. I come from the premise that a war is just an event made from numerous battles and so I can lose many battles but still win the war.

3. Make a Commitment to Ship

Sometimes I look at other writers articles and books and think to myself why can't I write at that level now? Does it mean that writing isn't for me and I am unable to connect with an audience?

It is easy to get lost in these questions and end up producing nothing. What has helped me has been the voices of the Seth Godin's of this world who tend to say just ship it. He also helped me to see that sometimes it is better to lower the barrier to entry for myself than to end up never producing anything of worth. Consider this insightful quote the next time you find yourself staring at a blank page:


"No one ever gets talker's block. No one wakes up in the morning, discovers he has nothing to say and sits quietly, for days or weeks, until the muse hits, until the moment is right, until all the craziness in his life has died down.

Why then, is writer's block endemic?" - Seth Godin


You can read the full insightful post here.

Over to You...

What small commitment will you make today to go from information to transformation?