There is a point where Broccoli Tastes Good

Why Habits are no Joke

The iron rule of life that Biological systems tend towards what is comfortable has been both a bane and an opportunity in my life. As humans we are part of this biological system and this rule helps shed some light on why changing a habit can feel like such hard work. 

Homeostasis, the basic self-regulating feedback loop that keeps us repeating the same habits over and over, often creeps up on me when I least expect it. Just when i thought that I had switched from broccoli to cheese for good, I give in to the urge to nibble on the parmesan in front of me. It is in these moments that I am most susceptible to quit and give up on eating broccoli for good.

You can Always Jump back on the Wagon

I hear it all the time and I experience it myself. How is the gym going? Ah, I haven't been in a while, I have just been really busy recently and I haven't found the time. How is the writing going? Oh, I haven't written anything in a couple of months now, I have just been mad busy with work and other things.

I used to think that with consistency being key to almost everything that if I broke a consistent pattern then I couldn't simply go back to where I left off. It was as if Armageedon had finally come for me and there was no going back. After a 100 day streak on Duolingo was broken the initial overwhelming sense of failure and lack of purpose mean't that it sometimes didn't even occur to me that I could continue learning the language anyway.

Broccoli isn't so Bad and I can nibble on Cheese too

Broccoli isn't so bad, it turns out that with some consistency you can develop a taste for almost anything. I guess what has helped me is being OK with pigging out on some cheese from time to time. It has allowed me to appreciate the contrasts in life a little better and it has allowed me to have more compassion and empathy for myself and others. I am beginning to discover that the best way to overcome Homeostasis is not to resist it at all and to continue on anyway until the day you realise that it has loosened its grip.