committing To Language Learning

My first grade in French at University was a C1. It was the lowest grade I received by far and the advice was to drop it while it was still optional. I was confused, I wanted to PERSIST but I wasn’t sure how I could improve and move forward.

Before I started my degree I remember that I was plagued with self-doubt about my capacity to learn French at 3rd level and what was the purpose of even learning it.

I didn't have anyone in my immediate environment who had modelled that this was possible for me and nobody who was telling me WHY IT WAS IMPORTANT. If anything I consistently received the opposite message.

When I received that grade I realised that I had to fundamentally change how I approached languages unless I wanted French to remain my worst subject.

I made the decision to learn outside the classroom on my own time. Somehow I wandered across the language lab at UL and discovered a piece of software that turned language learning into a game for me.

This was in 2006 and as you can imagine this wasn't exactly the Duolingo of learning but in hindsight, I don't think it was the software that made the difference.

What shifted was my commitment. My environment gave me every reason and option to quit BUT I DIDN’T.

It's the same for you. Languages will appear REALLY difficult until you commit to becoming resourceful and using your own brain. When this happens you become UNSTOPPABLE.

What are you willing to commit to today?

Don’t let your talents go to waste, comment below and let me know what you COMMIT to today.