Since 2010 I have been fascinated with the learning process. I started with foreign languages which led me to computer programming which has led me to coaching and facilitation. You can read more about my journey on A Lust for Life in Learning is a Lifelong Choice.

I combine learning how to learn and subtractive psychology to help accelerate your learning curve and experience personal growth and the ability to adapt to an ever changing future.


My Mission

To help you accelerate your learning and to help you grow as a self-leader. 

Before I met Denis I had never even considered that perhaps the trick to successfully and quickly learning something was in the art of learning itself. If you’re getting bogged down with trying to learn something new and feeling as though each attempt is more unsuccessful than the last, perhaps a conversation over a coffee with Denis is all you need 🙂
— Thomas McDonnell - Python Student

Some things I have done

  • Became a polyglot at the age of 22.
  • A Masters in Translation in French and Spanish.
  • Created a website using my knowledge of Python programming in a couple of months.
  • Created a podcast called The Happy Mindset Show.
  • Went from 'least likely to fix a computer' to landing an IT job and becoming the IT guy in my family.