As a facilitator I create workshops around themes that are of particular relevance to your people. The structure of the workshop is based on my research mixed with some personal stories. The workshops are very much student led and the focus will be centered around helping the students to explore the questions they are most curious to gain clarity around.





Here are Some Sample Workshops that I can Deliever



In this workshop we will take a look at what innovative thinking is as a group. We will look at quotes, engage in some exercises and open up a dialogue around what innovation looks like and how it naturally emerges. 


  • Increased capacity for idea generation and implementation.
  • Increased ability to think creatively and work collaboratively.


In this workshop we will look at the concept of Just In Time learning and how to approach planning. We will look at how to set a direction to head in and create a plan that will be adaptable to the potential obstacles that may present themselves along the path.


  • Ability to create plans that are adaptable.
  • Ability to acquire just the right amount of information to apply the knowledge.


In this workshop we will look at the affect that a clear mind has on our performance. Using subtractive psychology we will discover how clarity emerges and we will identify the feeling that comes along with a state of clarity. We will also explore how we achieve seemingly effortless results when we can manage to get out of our own way.


  • Increased resiliency.
  • Increase in action taking.
  • Increase in results.